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A full-stack app generating daily quotes to inspire, intrigue or contemplate. Built with HTML, CSS, Javascript and Firebase to replace a previous NodeJS/PostgreSQL backend. 366 app screenshot

366 was the product of wanting to learn about optimising API requests, data caching and a very old set of 'quote' cards I owned as a child. The cards each had a date on one side and an interesting quote, proverb or fact on the other; the reader was encouraged to only look at one per day and to reflect, ponder and disaect the content. I always flicked through until I found one I liked or that felt pertinent at the time which was, of course, completely beside the point.

I originally built a NodeJS server with a PostgreSQL database that contained 366 quotes each assigned to a specific day of the year. The simple, responsive front-end would make an API call based on the date and retrieve the quote and cache it locally, never making another request until the date changed.

The process worked well and was fast and efficient. I moved over to a Firebase storage and serverless implementation simply as a way to refactor the code and learn about a new technology. Users can easily share the quote of the day to Twitter or set it as their homepage to have an interesting prompt to start the morning.