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10 Books I Probably Should Have Read

First published on Apr 21, 2021

Whether you're starting a business, launching a product, trying to get rich, getting fit, wanting to self-improve, developing a side hustle or just merely existing, there are some books that are recommended at every turn. Books that 'everyone must read', essential' and 'life-changing'.

They have become so commonplace in recommendations that I have developed a sort of learned blindness; whenever I read such a list or somebody recommends books to me I gloss over and ignore those I am most aware of.

The question I am interested in: are they actually any good? I have a suspicion that a lot of the authors of the aforementioned lists may not have fully digested or read the books themselves or even rate them highly. There is a group think that occurs when you are told something is excellent: when you go to list things you think are brilliant you are inclined to mention the items you know to be considered high quality as to validate your other choices.

Or, perhaps, they really are as good as they are supposed to be. Below are ten books that are consistently recommended that I haven't read. These will be my next ten reads come hell or high water. The titles will, in time, become links to a short summary and review and eventually I'll consider the question again.

That's quite a list. I wonder if I develop 7 Habits and learn 48 Laws in 4 hour weeks I'll Awaken the Giant? Time will tell.